Create better compositions’s online photo cropper lets you crop your images to fit the perfect composition and get rid of unwanted areas from your photo.

Sometimes it is important to capture the moment than to worry about composition. The photographic moments happens so fast and you probably don’t have time to decide what to include in the frame. Need not worry, our photo cropper lets you crop your images using a specific aspect ratio, exact dimensions, or simply drag and crop.

Crop freestyle or use an aspect ratio

Sometimes your photos need to be cropped to a certain aspect ratio to be able to properly displayed. Most social media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook or even smart TVs would stretch and distort your images if they are not properly cropped to fit the aspect ratio best practices set by those sources.

Our image cropper has built-in aspect ratio button to help you easily apply an aspect ratio to your crop. You can also crop it freestyle if you choose to do so.

How to crop a photo

Follow these simple 4 step process to start cropping your photo


Upload your photo to the single image editor


Select the crop option under "Image Adjust" step


Select a crop area or a pre-configured aspect ratio and click "Apply”


Click "Resize Image" to generate the cropped version of your image