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How to Resize PDF?

  1. Click the "Choose PDF" button in the upload box (you can also drag and drop multiple PDF files for batch resizing).
  2. Click on the "Proceed to PDF Resize" button.
  3. In "Select Paper Size" section, select a paper size or enter custom width and height.(you can enter a custom size in millimeters, points, inches, or pixels)
  4. Choose "Scale to fit"if you want to scale PDF content to fit the new paper size
  5. Choose "Keep aspect ratio" if you want to keep the aspect ratio of the original PDF while scaling.
  6. Click the "Resize PDF" button
  7. Click "Download All" button to download the resized PDF(s)

Resize PDF Online

This PDF resizer is an online tool. That means no software to install. It will work on your windows, mac, or mobile devices. This tool is 100% free, has no file limits, and does not require registration.