Change Logs

13th May, 2024
Important bug fix
12th December, 2023
Important Bug fixes
4th December, 2023
Small Updates
15th November, 2023
Some Bug fixes.
26th September, 2023
This release is centered around bug fixes and a new feature in our Bulk Resize Tool. Now every export will have it's unique URL (available upto 4 hours) and users can share the URL or open it on a different browser.
17th September, 2023
Some Bug Fixes
16th September, 2023
Some Bug Fixes
11th September, 2023
4th September, 2023
Bug fixes for our Meme Generator tool.
2nd September, 2023
29th August, 2023
Security Patch
28th August, 2023
This release includes performance improvements, bug fixes and new features. These are listed below.
  • We have added the internationalized urls to our sitemap for crawlers to better recognize the pages.
  • Some bug fixes in our Single Image Resizer and Color Picker tools.
  • Now every meme in our Meme Generator tool will have it's own editor url. This allows users to come back to the same meme easily and also to share a meme from our site!
12th August, 2023
UI improvements for our Image Compressor and Single Image Resizer tools.
8th August, 2023
We have deployed some internal changes. The UI is unchanged.
3rd August, 2023
This release is focused around our Color Picker tool . Here is a list of new features we introduced:
  • We have built a new "Color Contrast Picker" tool which which users can easily evaluate and adjust "Text Color" and "Background Color" contrast for optimal readability and design brilliance. Elevate your content and create stunning visuals effortlessly
  • Some UI improvements in the color picker tool
  • Some UI changes in our Image Compressor tool so that users can more easily change compression settings in the editor and apply those changes to all the available images.
1st August, 2023
This release is focused around our Color Picker tool . Here is a list of new features we introduced:
  • Users can now edit the selected color either by typing or by adjusting the range sliders in RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK or HEX format.
  • Color Harmonies section has been given it's own section below the color picker. Now users can interact with this section with more ease.
  • Users can now see and copy Tints and Shades of their selected color in a separate section.