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    Quick and Easy to Use

    With just a simple drag and drop, you can bulk resize images within seconds. Simply set a target size and let us handle the rest.

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    Best Bulk Image Resizer

    Unlike other tools, you can set dimensions in inches as well (for printing). Plus, you can also set a target file size for the images.

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    Supported Units

    You can bulk resize JPG & PNG images. Resize dimensions can be set in pixels, inches, cm, or mm. You can upload up to 20 images at a time.

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    Reduce File Size

    Want to reduce the file size of multiple images at once? Just select a target size in KB for all your images and let our tool take care of the rest.

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    Your Images Are Safe!

    The images you upload, as well as the resized images, are automatically deleted from our cloud servers within 24 hours.

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    It’s free

    Since 2013 we have resized millions of images online for free! There is no software to install or registrations. Please share this tool if you like it.