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How To Enlarge A Picture?

  • 1. Upload an image via local computer or URL
  • 2. Select the zoom factor or the pixel size for upscaling
  • 3. Click on the blue “Enlarge Image” button to enlarge the image
  • 4. Download the enlarged photo by clicking on the blue download button

Photo Enlarger

This tool allows you to enlarge photos so that you can make their pixel size bigger. You will naturally lose some quality when enlarging photos, but our algorithms optimize images to minimize this quality loss.

Upscale to the exact size

You can upscale images to the exact size by entering the height and width of the target size. If you prefer, you can also enter a zoom factor for the enlargement. i.e. a 200% zoom will make your images twice as bigger.

Online & Secure

This image enlarger is utilizing the HTML5 canvas. This means your files are never uploaded to our servers. It is one of the most secure image enlargers available online. Most importantly, it will always be FREE!